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Zwift preview – The latest in cycling games

Just a very quick heads up of a review coming later today for the new cycling software Zwift – so consider this a Zwift preview.

A chap called Lawson Craddock had a very unfortunate/impressive crash during the Tour Down Under Race. He has been using Zwift in his rehabilitation, and luckily I have recieved an access code too now!

There is now a Zwift REVIEW to supplement this preview

He fractured his sternum – the breast bone. This is a very difficult bone to break, and is referred to as a high energy injury, due to the forces needed.

Disrupted/pulled apart his AC, or acromioclavicular joint, the tough fibrous joint that connects your clavicle to shoulder tip.

Fractured a rib, relatively minor injury, but the effect is quite far reaching – every breath is painful – just imagine that for 6-8 weeks as it heals.

Finally a “small bone in his wrist”. There are 13 bones in total in the wrist. Eight small, carpal bones, five slightly larger metacarple bones. I’ve not been able to find out which exactly, but in a fall such as this, it could well be the scafoid bone which is a nasty little bone to break, as it can cause a long term issue with the hand if it doesn’t heal well.

There has just been an article published in Velo News detailing his use of Zwift and how it has helped his recovery. I’ll be having my Zwift preview, spin around the island later today, and put up my review later!

One of the things I am particularly interested in Zwift for, is helping with “the top two inches”. Currently my elbow, and crucially muscles attaching have not recovered anywhere near to be able to ride outside, but even when I do, that first few rides will prove to be rather frightening I’m sure. Craddock comments of a similar issue about road confidence, and be the sounds of things Zwift really helped with the mental challenge of getting riding again.

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Zwift cycling

Update – now a Zwift preview 

It turns out that things haven’t quite worked out. In spite of both the Stages crank, and the KICKR both transmitting over ANT+ and Bluetooth LE, Zwift is currently only able to detect data input through a ANT+ USB dongle. In the companies FAQ they address this issue stating that they do intend to utilise bluetooth LE in the future, although currently there is no timeline for this to happen. To ANT+ USB on order, and Amazon Prime in place should mean an effective run down of ZWIFT tomorrow.

In the intervening period, it is coming!

TitaniumGeek Screen-Shot-2015-02-27-at-10.41.49-e1425050795363 Zwift preview - The latest in cycling games Zwift Turbo Trainer training review rehabilitation rehab cycling apps

ZWIFT installing

The full Zwift review has now been uploaded

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