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Zwift Ashes – Round 1 Race report

Did the Brits steal the first round, or did the Ozzies wrestle a victory in the first Zwift Ashes? – Lets just say the results were REALLY surprising!

Inaugural Zwift Ashes

So, which country took the overall, mathematical win after the race? – Did the Brits keep it together in spite of being bleary eyed when they climbed out of bed @9:30BST? Or perhaps the Ozzies, already primed from their days adventures, with an 18:30 Sydney start….

Tell you what, lets hold off that for a moment and look at the individual riders results, as there were some champion performances out there – again all details from Strava, happy to amend issues.


Race Report!

Still fresh from his 400KM+ trundle around Watopia only a few days ago, The Llama himself, Shane Miller led the Australian pack and it is no understatement to say dominated the peloton from start to finish at an average 314watts!. Taking first place, with 59:56 bragging rights, and taking 5 points for the Ozzies – it should also be noted that puts him 13th on this segment OVERALL.

Dan Wilkinson – for the UK – chased the Llama’s tail (which sounds probably more dodgy that it was meant to!) to second place in 1:01:50, 266watts and 3 points for the Brits

Third place also landed in the Northern Hemisphere, along with its accompanying 1 point, with Jeremy Samuels (UK) holding off the second fastest Australian Craig James (OZ)to cross the line, 1:04.08 vs 1:04.22 and 282watts vs 276watts nice work to the both of you!

Francois Velo Coppex popped along to spectate, but asked not to formally enter, allowing Ian Munro (UK) to hold 5th place along with Stewart Clark(UK)and JB ‪#‎Rule93‬ (UK) all finishing in a Strava segment time of @1:05.29 – If you guys know of an actual order, I’ll amend as you tell me.

Rory W (OZ) just couldnt quite catch the British trio in front, dashing across the line in 1:05.25

Paul Woodhouse (OZ) gave J Gill (UK) and Howard Neale (UK) a run for their money, trading places over 2 laps, before pulling away. Woodhouse and Neale putting in at 1:08.25 and 1:08.31 respectively. With J. Gill loosing the tussel and panting over the line at 1:09.05

B Marto (OZ) came in at 1:15.02, in front of @Christopher O’Hearn (OZ) at 1:16.38, defending against Jeff Rooney (OZ) at 1:17.43 riding for Oz from NZ.

Todd Cockshutt (OZ) gave good account of himself trying to keep up with Rooney, crossing the line 1:17.54

OK I think thats everyone! Apologies if anyone has been missed – I have to go through the segment manually.


Race results


Calculated by discarding the TOP TWO and LAST riders from each group to give average scores

0.59.56 – not included
1:04.22 – not included
1:17.54 – not included

AVERAGE – 1:14

1:01.50 – not included
1:04.08 – not included
1:09.05 – not included

AVERAGE – 1:06

Overall Results Zwift Ashes – ROUND 1

Australia COUNTRY POINTS = 5
– 5 points from Shane Millers win
– 1 point from average time
– 4 points from Dan Wilkinson (3pts) and Jeremy Samuels (1pt)

I’m actually surprised at those results, if anyone wants to weigh in on the analysis, check I’ve read things correctly please do!

Thanks everyone for coming, quite literally, Zwift Ashes wouldn’t work without the riders – on an Jamie Jj Alldridge – you’d better turn up next time, we need those legs (7th position on the Strava segement over all , just saying )

Still to come…!

ROUND 2 is currently being bounced around, PLEASE throw around ideas. Currently people are suggesting a chase style race, each country starting in the opposite direction!


James Gill

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