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eRacing / eSports / Chasing Pixels – big things happening!!

Standby for disruption! You may have strapped yourself firmly and contractually to one indoor cycling platform mentally betting on that your chosen platform will be THE platform for eSports racing. However, watch-out! eSports for virtual cycling is getting serious and serious outside of Zwift. We have already heard of commentators and cyclists who are unable…

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Wahoo Element Rival – New Updates!!

Wahoo’s wearable/smart-watch/sports-watch receives more updates and details are below: TRACK RUNNINGThe track running profile provides the most accurate distance and pace metrics when running on a 400m track. Pressing the lap button during a track session will snap intervals to the nearest 100m,resulting in the most accurate metrics. iOS MUSIC CONTROLControl music on iOS devices…

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Suunto Unveils Its Thinnest, Smallest and Toughest Watch Ever, the Suunto 9 Peak

Suunto, one of the global leaders in sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments, launches its newest flagship watch, the Suunto 9 Peak, the thinnest, most powerful and uncompromisingly durable watch in brand history. Inspired by the award-winning Suunto 9 Baro, the Suunto 9 Peak is designed for adventures and peak experiences, in a sleek form…

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My Attempt at the Kev Willers Challenge – an all-out effort on one of RGT’s most demanding courses – can you do it?

It all started when RGT Cycling created a gravel course based on the epic UK gravel race – the Dirty Reiver. This is no course for those who are addicted to posting impressive speed stats on Strava! Dirty Reiver is slow – your Strava stats will make you look pedestrian! The course passes you by…

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Olympic Virtual Series: UCI in cooperation with Zwift to host cycling events for new virtual event series launched by the IOC

Olympic Virtual Series: UCI in cooperation with Zwift to host cycling events for new virtual event series launched by the IOC. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Zwift are pleased to announce their participation in the Olympic Virtual Series (OVS), a new virtual event launched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).      The UCI,…

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Cyclists – Planet Earth is rejecting us and we carry on as normal! Time to change – Enter Sundried

It all started with a conversation with a cycling friend. You know how it goes? Do you fancy driving 200 miles to ride 100 miles, to drive 200 back and ride something not as appealing as from your front-door? Cycling is supposed to be a sustainable activity. Cycling is a pursuit that cuts down on…

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PR Lotion – Can an embrocation make you faster? Amp Human

What is Amp Human’s PR Lotion? It’s an embrocation that you rub into your muscle 30 minutes prior to exercise. The theory is that the sodium bicarbonate in the solution suppresses lactate and allows the athlete to generate more power. Skeptics like us may think ‘rubbing bicarb into our legs to make us faster? That’s…

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Aftershokz OpenComm – Can Bone Conduction Headphones jump from track to office?

Let’s get down to it. You use headphones for fitness. You have discovered that not have cables dangling around is tremendous. You’ve tried bone conducting, especially from Aftershokz, and you are sold. Then, a pandemic came and with it, most of us discovered that working from home was as effective as working from the office….

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Power Meter Accuracy – the Zwiftpower Resource – Watts Occurring Information

The objective of this article is to bring to your attention a resource that sits within Zwiftpower. It is the analysis section. For those of you who want to settle an argument at the IRL or virtual cycling cafe, you can spend hours searching on Zwiftpower. Here you can find the dual power recordings of…

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KOM Cycling – Indoor Media Display Stand – The Rolls Royce of virtual cycling tables

For years, I have been the advocate of a sturdy music stand for my media devices when indoor-cycling. When I checked out the mighty Wahoo’s version, I was tempted and yet, no compelled. KOM Cycling are not shy of manufacturing high quality cycling peripherals and here is a link to what they have to offer…

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Virtual eRacing – Race Rankings Evolved – Have the RGT community put the w/kg ranking system into the history books?

In seven short years, eRacing/eSports/Virtual Racing/chasing pixels/real-racing-on-fake-bikes has come a long way. In the beginning, the Zwift community came up with a way of categorising races based upon watts per kilogram (w/kg). A ranking system was developed, again by the Zwift community, and whilst we raced, there was always the nagging feeling that w/kg wasn’t…