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Cycling Indoor cycling RGT Turbo training

RGT for old Zwifters – how to…

It seems that long-term ‘Zwifters’ are looking for somewhere more akin to the origins of Zwift to do their indoor training on a bike. Going by the messages that we receive, RGT seems to be the preferred choice. At the Titaniumgeek HQ, we are busy doing the December 2020 Everesting Challenge on RGT and very much enjoying it.

Zwifters, being used to the Zwift user interface via the screen and having the ‘companion app’ (which always makes us think about a chaperone on a date) as an accompaniment. With RGT, the app is the dashboard and for those frustrated with Zwift when leaving a course, logging out and then back in again, with RGT this is unnecessary – courses/routes can be changed via the app and even kit – mid-ride.

RGT produce well-executed and precise videos to guide even the most inexperienced in-door cyclist and here is the link https://www.rgtcycling.com/get-started/

All the usual smart-trainers connect and as ever, if you are reading this as an inexperienced RGTer or Zwifter, your internet connection is as important as your smart-trainer or bike! Arguably, it is your most important upgrade. We run RGT on both Apple TV and gaming PC (at different times). The graphics on a 4k Apple TV are excellent and the gaming PC’s graphics are terrific!

It is worth noting that even though Premium RGT access is £6.99 (UK price), many features of the platform are free – yes free!!

See you there, on RGT?