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How an Olecranon Fracture produced a website:

Whilst I was waiting for 48hrs to be put back together I “read around” information about olecranon fractures – although I have been an Orthopaedic SHO or Houseman (I think) in American, that basically is a medical paper work monkey/machine. You see the patients, make the diagnosis, do the preliminary work up, and then pass it onto the Big Dogs to actually take the patient to theatre and screw them together. This means I had little involvement with the SPECIFIC after care and injury rehabilitation. That is sorted OUTSIDE of the hospital.

Reading around various sites and forums, there is a scant amount of general public information. Oh, there are stacks of books and journal articles about olecranon or elbow fracture, but they can be like reading the back of a cereal packet at times.

So I have decided to set up this site. The whole purpose of which is to document:
i) What I have been through with my olecranon fracture, so people have a ROUGH idea of the injury
ii) Things I’ve learnt that have helped me
iii) Things I have learnt as a result of doing bad/silly/unfortunate things
IV) How the olecranon fracture affected my return to sport, and the rehabilitation I went through.