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Bkool Cycling Indoor cycling Zwift

Bkool launch a new look and features

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Bkool, a brand that to many long-time Zwifters, was the byword for ‘those whose watts look high!?’ They have since moved on to focus on their indoor training platform and offers an experience much like the other indoor cycling platforms. However, more features have arrived.

Bkool claim 100,000 active subscribers and 250,000 registered on their platform and these are impressive stats. I suppose that we all live in our own little paincave bubbles and seeing these numbers does make one ponder. Just heading down a comparison rabbit hole – I recall that during the pandemic’s first phase of the UK’s lockdown version 1.0 – I saw a maximum of 30,000 uses cycling on Zwift at any one time. During the UK’s lockdown v 2.0, I have seen 25,000 users at the peak Zwift time. That is after a tonne of dollars in global advertising revenue.

For Bkool to have this traction – 100,000 uses – is impressive. Like all comparisons, I’ve yet to see what this means when logging on the Bkool and seeing how many people are really using the platform! Speaking of bubbles, Zwift does have a strong English speaking following and I know that they are trying to get more traction in the lain speaking countries. Clearly the Spanish Bkool have that boxed off.

The new features: Well, Bkool’s own team state this.

First of all is the new Route Finder, which is easier and more intuitive to navigate. You can now use new filters to further refine your search for cycling routes, and even see the total elevation gain of routes at a glance.

This no doubt makes it much easier to find a different destination to train in every day, as BKOOL’s catalogue of real video and 3D routes continues to grow every day thanks to the routes uploaded by users. Right now, you can
enjoy more than eight million different routes in the app.

The update also includes a new alert system that lets you know when your smart trainer or any of your training devices has any kind of dropout. It’s thus much easier to make sure that all the connections are good to go before you start riding.

But the new features really shine once you start riding. BKOOL managed to turn the app screen into a veritable cycling team radio. You can now see a lot more data while you pedal so you can refine your racing strategy or simply get more out of each session.

In addition to the name of your rivals and their watts/kilo ratio, you will be able to see what climbs are coming up in the next few meters so you can better manage your energy. The information is presented much more clearly and provides an overview of your and your rivals’ positions in the session profile, including velodrome sessions.

Everything is much more streamlined to give you a feeling of complete control over everything that is happening in your training session.
And since you train like a real professional, why not dress like one too
The new BKOOL Cycling also offers the kits of the UCI World Tour 2020 teams.

Not only will you be able to ride the same stages of the main races in the pro cycling calendar, but you can also do so while showing your support for your favourite team

The new jerseys are now available in the virtual dressing room, whose inventory system has also been improved to make it easier to access the new kits.

That’s it! Bkool’s PR team are trying hard and have they convinced you? Have you tried Bkool? What do you think about the platform? One for you to try this winter season? Please let us know your thoughts down below.