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27th May 2019 BikesCyclingGear Reviews

Hummingbird Bike Review – an electric folding dream

Prodrive is the daddy of carbon fibre in the UK. Synonymous with Aston Martin, Le Mans and F1. So when Prodrive released the Hummingbird folding...

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17th May 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsHelmets

HedKayse One Cycle Helmet Review

The Hedkayse One helmet is a new take on cycling safety - a helmet which you can compress, and crucially isn't compromised by dropping it....

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21st April 2019 Gear Reviews

Pulseroll Review – A Vibrating Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are the bane of most athletes existence, however PulseRoll is trying to change that experience with the foam roller. Could you ever love...

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11th March 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsHeart Rate MonitorsRunning

Polar Vantage V Review – A Garmin Killer?

The Polar Vantage V is the Finnish companies latest top-line smartwatch, but can it go toe-to-toe with the high-end watches of its competitors? Let's see!! FIGHT...

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28th February 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Zwift Drop Shop… Buy new Zwift Upgrades

Zwift Drop Shop... Buy new Zwift Upgrades Another Zwift update dropped today, and with Zwift opened up shop - Specifically the Zwift Drop Shop, and...

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14th February 2019 Gear ReviewsRunning

Ledlenser NEO 6R Running Headtorch Review

//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-4872258351962772", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Winter, Autumn, Spring and occasionally Summer. The hardcore runner will be out in all...

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6th February 2019 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Mio 405 HC Cycling GPS Review – A Overlooked Gem?

The Mio 405 HC proclaims loudly on the box as being "the best experience in bicycle navigation", but can it live up to that bold...

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1st February 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Tacx Flux S Trainer Review | ZWIFT GEAR TEST

The Tacx Flux S - A new casing, redesigned leg setup, & a series of new copper internals replacing older aluminium innards... AND a low...

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18th January 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Wahoo KICKR Climb Review – Are We At Peak Gadget?

The Wahoo KICKR Climb is one of the more unique devices to hit peoples pain caves in the last few years. A grade simulator to...

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4th January 2019 Gear ReviewsRunningZwift

Zwift RunPod – Your Treadmill Just Got Upgraded!

Zwift RunPod has landed! Well, we said landed, but should we perhaps say appeared! We know that Zwift has the coding chops to produce amazing...