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20th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Tacx Desktop App Review – Can Tacx Compete?

Tacx has had a version of training software for the last few years, but it is only in the last year or so that we've seen a real doubling down...

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9th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Wahoo KICKR Bike – Wahoo Joins the Smart Bike Fight

It was inevitable. Having multiple trainers, a desk, a hill simulator and a fan, Wahoo at some point was going to have to connect their kit, and join the smart...

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6th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Zwift Steering and Zwift Mountain Bike Course Revealed

Zwift has a little skunk works call Zwift Futures. Their latest idea is steering for Zwift, which was demo’ed on their new mountain bike course. Let’s dig in! (more…)

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4th September 2019 CyclingSmart TrainersZwift

Elite Direto X Turbo Trainer Preview

There is a whole world of smart trainers now. With options for every person and every budget. But when it comes to budget, coming in at around £500 with offers,...

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3rd September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Elite TUO Turbo Trainer Preview – Wheel on Italian Style

The Elite TUO trainer shows that there is still life in the class bike trainer market. Given that Elite is very much committed to direct-drive units like the Suito and...

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3rd September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer Review | ZWIFT GEAR TEST

An additional letter, and some fiddling under the skin. The Tacx NEO 2 was previously the best smart trainer on the market. Are the Tacx NEO 2T changes enough to...

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30th August 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSports ArticlesZwift

Sports Electrolyte Drinks – Replace Your Zwift Sweat

You exercise, you sweat. It's a fact of life. Cycling indoors though makes you sweat even harder, and than can have a big impact on an athlete you don't replace...

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29th August 2019 Gear Reviews

Respro Cinqro Mask Review: The only cycling mask to buy

I’ve used a couple of face masks in the past to try and protect myself when cycling to work. The Respro Cinqro is the first one I’ve actually been able...

TitaniumGeek Garmin Edge 830 2 of 37 TitaniumGeek    Image of Garmin Edge 830 2 of 37
19th August 2019 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Garmin Edge 830 Review – A great update, but still using old tech!

It's that time of the year again! Garmin has refreshed their middle range cycling GPS unit. Turns out the Garmin Edge 830 is quite good! (more…)

TitaniumGeek Sony WF 1000XM3 3 TitaniumGeek    Image of Sony WF 1000XM3 3
11th August 2019 Gear ReviewsRunning

Sony WF1000XM3 Review – Success, Silence, & Stupidity

The Sony WF1000XM3 true noise-cancelling wireless earbuds are EXCELLENT in many areas. But a few elements of stupid have crept in on the new design! (more…)