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5th November 2020 BikesCycling

GoCycle GX and the Electric Hummingbird

https://youtu.be/9qVZc7oLv-c We recently rode these two hyper-eBikes around the ancient city of Coventry. Both are top-end folding eBikes, both have unique capabilities and both are in their own way, incredible....

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20th November 2020 BkoolCyclingIndoor cyclingZwift

Bkool launch a new look and features

Bkool, a brand that to many long-time Zwifters, was the byword for 'those whose watts look high!?' They have since moved on to focus on their indoor training platform and...

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18th November 2020 CyclingIndoor cyclingRGTSports Articles

Everest with World Bicycle

RGT Cycling Joins Forces with World Bicycle Relief and Everesting.CC For 31 Day Everesting Challenge RGT Cycling Now Officially Approved for Everesting Attempts RGT Cycling, the free to use virtual...

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18th November 2020 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsSports Watches

Wahoo Element Rival

Do we need yet another sports watch? Wahoo, the indoor cycling giant think so and apparently, so do the Brownlee brothers. Yes, the very same Olympian heroes of triathlon and...

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16th November 2020 BikesCyclingIndoor cyclingTurbo trainingZwift

The Value of a Fan

Maybe too large, but you get the point?! Aimed at those of us who 'indoor cycle,' 'paincave,' Zwift,' or even 'Peloton.' We often see pictures from the 'post your paincave...

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8th November 2020 Gear ReviewsRunningSports Watches

Suunto 9 – Smart Watch for the Adventurer

Built for those who go above and beyond Don't get me wrong, the Sunnto 9 is an incredible piece of engineering. It's battery lasts for a long time - from...

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2nd November 2020 Gear ReviewsRunning

Incus Performance Launch Running Beta!

Could this be the next step forwards in collating and understanding the data that we collect? Most of us wear fitness gadgets and collect data, but hand-on-heart - what do...

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7th August 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Elite Sterzo and Zwift Steering Come out of the Labs!

Zwift Labs has it's first major release, and the Elite Sterzo has been made as dedicated hardware to allow Zwifters to really take control of their indoor rides

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28th May 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsHelmets

Lumos Ultra Helmet Kickstarter

The Lumos Ultra Helmet is the latest Kickstarter from the eponymous company. Not to spoil the ending, but read on to find out why the baby Lumos is actually the...

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15th April 2020 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Beeline Smart Compass Review: Second Screen Done RIGHT!

The Beeline navigation compass is another Kickstarter darling done good. But why has a cycling navigation device, without GPS, such a success? (more…)