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13th October 2018 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Elite Drivo II Preview and Factory Visit 2018

Autumn is upon us, and that means turbo trainers reviews. The Elite Drivo II is the first up in the TG cave, and this preview...

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29th September 2018 Bike LightsCyclingGear Reviews

See.Sense ACE Review – Smart Bike Lights

See.Sense ACE Review - Smart Bike Lights The original See.Sense ICON was a bit of a KICKSTARTER darling in 2015, so it makes sense that...

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25th September 2018 Bike LightsCyclingGear Reviews

Blinkers by Velohub Review: Big, Bright and

The bike light world is a very crowded place so the Blinkers by Velohub has decided to use a different approach, by billing primarily as...

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18th September 2018 Gear ReviewsMedical JournalsSports Articles

AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG Review

The AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG is an amazing bit of kit, both for medics, but also patients. A smaller than a credit card, and able...

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24th August 2018 Gear ReviewsRunningSports ArticlesTriathlon

Elite Tri Box Review – One Bag to Hold It All!

It's all well and good testing out various fitness gadgets, but sometimes you need to put all of that "training" to the test. I went...

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12th August 2018 CyclingGear ReviewsHeart Rate MonitorsRunningSports Watches

Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Watch Review – Biggest Battery Wins!

Suunto has been gradually refining the Spartan line of watches over the years. The Suunto 9 is the companies latest top of the line watch,...

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2nd August 2018 CyclingGear ReviewsRunningSports Articles

Masimo MightySat Review – Pulse Oximeter for Work and Play

Masimo MightySat Review - Pulse Oximeter for Work and PlayWhy look at the Masimo MightySat? Well after doing the recent review of the Garmin Fenix...

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17th July 2018 CyclingGear ReviewsHeart Rate MonitorsRunning

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review: When More Can Mean Less

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review: When More Can Mean Less OK cards on the table. To my mind, the Garmin Fenix series has never been...

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8th July 2018 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Elite Fuoripista Smart Bike Preview

At Eurobike 2018, the Elite Fuoripista Smart Bike has been revealed. Looking more like modern art than any gym equipment, Elite have taken things to...

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5th July 2018 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Polar V650 2018 Cycling Computer Review

The Polar V650 has been around since 2014. That is a long time in gadget years. Is this 2018 update enough to keep the big...