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7th August 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Elite Sterzo and Zwift Steering Come out of the Labs!

Zwift Labs has it's first major release, and the Elite Sterzo has been made as dedicated hardware to allow Zwifters to really take control of their indoor rides

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28th May 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsHelmets

Lumos Ultra Helmet Kickstarter

The Lumos Ultra Helmet is the latest Kickstarter from the eponymous company. Not to spoil the ending, but read on to find out why the baby Lumos is actually the...

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15th April 2020 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Beeline Smart Compass Review: Second Screen Done RIGHT!

The Beeline navigation compass is another Kickstarter darling done good. But why has a cycling navigation device, without GPS, such a success? (more…)

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21st March 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer Review – Zwift Gear Test

Over the last few years, the direct mount smart trainer has been recognised as the gold standard when it comes to indoor bike training. Kinetic has long relied on the...

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22nd February 2020 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers


With the Elite Zumo, Elite seems to be adopting a Mercedes approach to smart trainers, produce a trainer for every possible niche, and every possible price mark. Available at £427,...

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31st January 2020 RunningZwift

Zwift Running With The NPE Runn Treadmill Sensor Review

Okay, so there is a small raft of foot pod sensors available for runners out there in order to gain additional metrics with regard to cadence and pace when you're...

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22nd January 2020 Gear Reviews

BiSaddle ShapeShifter Saddle Review – Home Custom Saddle

Everyone has their opinion as to what the best saddle is from a fit and comfort perspective. Will with the BiSaddle ShapeShifter Saddle you can adjust the dimension of the...

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13th December 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Saris H3 Smart Trainer Review – Zwift Gear Test

There has been quite a bit of a change since Cycleops launched their Hammer smart trainer in 2016. To the degree that Cycleops has been folding within the parent company...

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12th December 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsHelmets

HEXR Helmet Review – Could Your Next Lid Be 3D Printed?

The technology behind cycle helmets has remained unchanged for the last 30 years. HEXR has managed to create a custom mapped, 3-D printed cycle helmet which they claim is 26%...

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5th December 2019 Gear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Review – Everything You Wanted to Know

Some products take longer than others to come to market. The Tacx NEO Bike Smart has been a particularly long gestation. So, time for the full Tacx NEO Bike Smart...