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19th October 2019 Gear ReviewsSwimmingTriathlon

KitBrix Bag Review – Triathlon Transition, Sorted!

KitBrix uses the tag line: “No fuss just organised kit”. Which is quite a claim for a triathlon bag! Let's test that in a KitBrix Bag Review! (more…)

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10th October 2019 Gear ReviewsSwimmingTriathlon

AfterShokz Xtrainerz Review – Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones

With each iteration of the AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, things have improved. Whether weight, hands-free or just sound quality. With the AfterShokz Xtrainerz, they are designed for swimming! So let's head...

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8th October 2019 CyclingGear Reviews

Run and Ride Discount Code with TitaniumGeek!

Run and Ride, has joined up with TitaniumGeek to offer a Run and Ride Discount Code. So what does that mean for the site, and what is going to be...

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1st October 2019 Gear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Early Review – Worth the Wait?

We've been waiting a while! Reportedly held up by legal regulatory issues, but the Tacx Neo Bike Smart is now in the wild! Here is a first impression Tacx NEO...

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27th September 2019 Bike LightsCyclingGear Reviews

Shanren Raz Pro Bike Light Review – A naff light you SHOULD buy!!

The bike light market is saturated. There is no doubt. You can have brightness, low cost, even AI in the lights. So the Shanren Raz Pro has had to come...

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26th September 2019 Bike LightsCycling

See.Sense ICON 2 Review – Smarter Bike Lights

How does the See.Sense ICON 2 improve on the great See.Sense ACE? Already intelligent, bright, and safe smart lights. Easy - MORE POWER!!!! Ok there are other changes too, but...

TitaniumGeek Tacx Desktop App TitaniumGeek    Image of Tacx Desktop App
20th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Tacx Desktop App Review – Can Tacx Compete?

Tacx has had a version of training software for the last few years, but it is only in the last year or so that we've seen a real doubling down...

TitaniumGeek Wahoo KICKR Bike Smart Bike 124 of 158 TitaniumGeek    Image of Wahoo KICKR Bike Smart Bike 124 of 158
9th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Wahoo KICKR Bike – Wahoo Joins the Smart Bike Fight

It was inevitable. Having multiple trainers, a desk, a hill simulator and a fan, Wahoo at some point was going to have to connect their kit, and join the smart...

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6th September 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsZwift

Zwift Steering and Zwift Mountain Bike Course Revealed

Zwift has a little skunk works call Zwift Futures. Their latest idea is steering for Zwift, which was demo’ed on their new mountain bike course. Let’s dig in! (more…)

TitaniumGeek 0171007 Direto X upgrade TitaniumGeek    Image of 0171007 Direto X upgrade
4th September 2019 CyclingSmart TrainersZwift

Elite Direto X Turbo Trainer Preview

There is a whole world of smart trainers now. With options for every person and every budget. But when it comes to budget, coming in at around £500 with offers,...