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Zwift Rides and Races, Events and Acronyms

As the Zwift cycling game has grown, so have the number of weekly Zwift Rides and Races occur in on Watopia. In addition to the growth in the Zwift community, a series of acronyms and slang terminologies has developed. This post will look to list the common zwift races and events whilst working as a mini Zwift Glossary

In addition to Zwift Rides and Races there are several dedicated Zwift Facebook groups. Below are a series of links to relevant and useful sites around the ‘Net



Zwift Riders  (Closed Group) – major source of Zwift banter

Zwift United Kingdom

Zwift Japan  (Public)

Zwift Australia  (Closed Group)

Zwift Singapore (Closed Group)

Zwift Fan User Manual

Zwift Jersey / Promo codes

Zwift TeamUp Calendar

Time abbreviations

Zwift Rides and Races

Time zones matter in Zwift

This might seem like a list of school geography terms, but as Zwift is an international game, with Zwift Rides and Races frequently running across multiple time zones, it is vital to look at who you are trying to get to come to an event, and would a better time slot allow for more riders to attend?

PDT Pacific Daylight Time = -7 GMT

EDT Eastern Daylight Time (Eastern America) = -4 GMT

CDT Central Daylight Time (Central America) = -4 GMT

CST Central standard Time (Central America) = -5 GMT

GMT Greenwich Mean Time = 0 hour

UTC Co-ordinated Universal Time = 0 hour

CEST Central European Summer Time = 1 Hours GMT

BST British Summer Time =+1 GMT

DST Daylight Saving Time = 1+ GMT

EEST Eastern European Summer Time= + 3 GMT

AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time = +10 GMT

TimeAndDate has a full list of the time zones. These have been listed, as so far they are the most used in Zwift

Zwift Rides and Races

Currently the various Zwift events and races are organised through Facebook. It is ALWAYS worth while checking the event details as there will be specifics regarding the jersey to be worn to help keep the group together, direction of this race, number of laps/km and the race leader.


WSR World Social Ride – SATURDAY (14:00 BST) AND SUNDAY (13:00 BST) EDITIONS

– Also listed on the Strava Zwift World Social Riders group – its always worth while checking to ensure there havnt been any time changes

Zwift Rides and Races

Weekend Social Ride

Normal race information:

Scheduled WSR group rides last around an hour, (3 laps or 27.3 km/16.9 mi), but riders often stay longer if time allows.

During the scheduled hour, please stay between the leader and the sweeper. More experienced riders are encouraged to hang back when needed to help newer riders back to the group if needed.

Meet at the ‘Just Ride’ point, but you can use the option to ‘Join’ any WSR rider you see parked online to keep the starting cluster as closely grouped as we can. We’ll plan on slow-rolling at 8:00 am EDT, making sure that the group is all together before increasing to our normal pace. We’ll see you on the Island!

Special Note: TeamSpeak. Anyone using TeamSpeak should use the WSR channel on the following server: ts21.gameservers.com:9149

ZTR – Tuesday Night Worlds – 23:00 BST – (In Nov will switch to 24:00 BST)

Zwift Rides and Races

Tuesday Night Worlds

Normal Race information:

Take note of the ride direction, it alternates from week to week

This is a 5 1/2 lap training race following a 1/2 lap neutral warm-up. Roll out from the Start marker at 6:00pm EDT (22:00 UTC) exactly.

If a turn is required start in the normal direction then U-turn just past the start/finish banner.

Please try to ride behind race leader (Normally – C. Wiedmann TNW) for the neutral portion.

Group messages will indicate the start, either at the Statues (Clock wise) or at the bridge before Hank’s gas station (Counter clockwise). The finish of the race is at start/finish after 6 laps (including warmup).

Race leader has different jersey during start

Regional variation rides also exist:

Australia has AEDT Tuesday Night Worlds

Pacific Time Tuesday Night Worlds – 18:30 PDT


ZTR- EB Tuesday Night Early Birds – 18:30 BST

Zwift Rides and Races

Tuesday Night Worlds – Early Birds

Normal Race information:

An earlier time slot of the ZTR race.

Other additional information:

I will wear the ZWIFT “Z” jersey for the neutral portion.

Please remain behind race leader for the warm up, aiming for <2watts/kg to allow for catch ups and connection issues before the start.

All wear the BASIC 2 jersey, it makes keeping the group together easier

Power ups for catching up, keeping up, but not for attacking

If you wish to categorise yourself in your names please do so, but PLEASE add TNW after your last name to identify you’re participating (for instance, I would set my last name to “J GILL ZTR EB” to indicate I’m going to in the B group).

WZUK Wednesday and Friday pre work – 5:30 BST

Zwift Rides and Races

WZUK Morning Race

Normal Race information:

Easy paced ride 18-19 minute laps.

Add ZUK to your name and wear the yellow/black ‘killer bees’ jersey.

We target four laps but late risers welcome to join in or if you have only time for a couple then that is also great.

Normal direction.

ZTR Thursday Training Race – 18:30 BST

Zwift Rides and Races

Friday training race

Normal Race information

4 1/2 lap training race (45km) following a 1/2 lap neutral warm-up.

Can be either clockwise or counter clockwise

Roll out from the “just ride” point at 17:30 UTC (10:30 am PDT, 18:30 BST, 19:30 CEST) exactly.

Please try to ride behind race leader (Normally – C. Wiedmann FTR-A) for the neutral portion. Group messages to indicate ride off, and actual race start points

Usually has race report after

There is also a separate Thursday Night race for the Ozzies – at 8pm EDT

Interval ride – usually Wednesday – 10:30 BST

Zwift Rides and Races

Insane Intervals

Normal race information

This is one where it’s important to check what that plan is, as a training ride, the plans can vary.
Current example:
Tomorrows workout will be: 14 minute stepped warmup with 3 x 30 sprints to warm up the legs
3 x the following:
-30 seconds all out
-1 minute recovery
-1 minute hard
-2 minutes recovery
-2 minutes strong
-2 minutes recovery
-1 minute hard
-1 minute recovery
-30 seconds all out
-5 minute recovery
Tends to feature a podcast at afterwards at FireGirlRed

ZGR (USA) by ODZ – now Tuesday & Sat

Zwift Rides and Races

5am – ODZ

Normal race information

5:15am BST ODZ race – (I’d love to join this one, but I refuse to acknowledge there is a 5am)

R1 hour duration, with coffee sprints and open race laps

Rider tags ODZ
Warmup until the sprint banner
At the sprint banner up to race pace for 1.5 laps
At the finish banner regroup for a free for all final lap

Zwift Group Ride (ZGR) Europe – Monday

Zwift Rides and Races

ZGR Europe – Monday

18:30 BST from Start banner

Designed for beginners and Cat 5 (Slower riders)

2 laps Richmond or 4 on Watopia

plan to stick together, learn to feel the draft and look at basic race strategy 

Rider tags ZGR
Ride Requirements
Start at a slow pace (between 1.0-1.5w/kg).
All participants MUST ride behind race leader
Stronger riders are encouraged to reverse/drop back to assist in sweeping the back.
If you drop approximately 10 seconds off the group please inform everyone ASAP so other riders can get you back up to the group 
After a Sprint or Kom participants MUST soft pedal (1.0 w/kg or less) until the main group catches you up and fall in behind R.Bolt 
Don’t forget the jokes and banter!
Rob has put up a great little diagram for the ride section
Zwift Rides and Races

Zwift Group Ride (ZGR) Europe – Wednesday

Zwift Rides and Races

ZGR Europe

Normal race information

18:30 BST 

Designed for beginners and Cat 5 (Slower riders)

plan to stick together, learn to feel the draft and look at basic race strategy 

Rider tags ZGR
Interesting race plan – 3 lap ride, with an all out race on the final lap (starting from the first sprint)
Ride requirements:
1. Communication is key to the success of the ride; to that end we need constant updates on the state of the peloton.
2. Stronger riders are encouraged to reverse/drop back to assist in sweeping the back.
3. If a rear rider needs help then let us know.
4. If you need a lead out on the sprint, ASK and then come back to the group during the first 3 laps.
5. Assist on the KOM’s.
6. The first 3 laps is not about the individual, it’s about everyone working as one body of riders, similar to the weekend WSR rides.
7. Dress Code: Basic 1 kit (Beezzzzz)
8. All riders involved should Tag their name with (ZGR)

Zwift Richmond Elite Endurance race

Zwift Rides and Races

9:00 EDT

9:00 EDT Start

This one is all about the big numbers – 8 or 16 laps!

Rider tags ZWR

Smart Trainer Kit/Favoured Kit
Race instructions
Distance: 8 or 16 laps
Rules: As in a real race there are no rules. But…
If you want to make it to the end, we’ll better work together. So join up with the riders of your strength, work together and get that jersey 🙂

Oz Time zone friendly rides

Pro4mance Zwift Tuesday Ride

Zwift Rides and Races

8pm AEST (Melb/Syd) 7:30pm (Adelaide/SA) 6pm (Perth/WA)

No tags

Any Kit
Race Info
Two laps of the Richmond course,
Slowly increasing the pace on the first lap (230-250 avg) and then hold on for the the 2nd lap as the group will determine the intensity

Aussie Richmond Roll – SundayZwift Rides and Races

8pm AEST (Melb/Syd) 7:30pm (Adelaide/SA) 6pm (Perth/WA)

Distance: 3 laps (30 miles)

Rider tag: ARR

Any Kit
Race Info

Meeting point: UCI Start/Finish banner. *No U-Turn on Richmond. So remember to restart your Zwift session a few minutes prior to 8pm, or time a warm-up lap to perfection to be at the start for the roll-out.

Ride Style: Bunch roll for first 2.5 laps (steady – 3-3.5 w/kg. on the climbs, and 2-2.5 w/kg on the flats). Then the gloves come off at the base of the Libby Hill cobbled climb until the finish 3KM away.

This is a NOT a race. If somebody is going faster than 3.5 3.5 w/kg up a climb – let them go. The idea is to stay together as a group until the final hills on the last lap. We are not waiting for dropped riders so be mindful of staying with the group – just like in the real world once you are off the back you lose the draft.0-250 avg) and then hold on for the the 2nd lap as the group will determine the intensity

Planning Zwift events

Zwift Rides and Races

Currently most rides are organised through Facebook

There is no “one way” to organise a Zwift event currently through FaceBook, due to the limitations of FB.

You can create an event within a group – e.g. Zwift Riders, but then can’t share that ride easily with other groups, e.g. Zwift UK riders. The benefit of doing it within the group means that it goes on the groups event page, which means that people who dont see you initial post can still find it easily.

The other issue here then, is it means you need to copy the post into each group you want to see it, as a separate event. Which means the Riders Group can’t see what the UK group are saying unless you are in both groups, looking at separate events – which is just complicated.

The other option is to create the event on your own Facebook page – but make sure it is set to public at the very initial stage, vitally important and can’t be changed after. By creating the event, as your own personal one, you can share the event to groups, everyone can see the same event, everyone talks on the same event BUT it does get added to the groups event page, so can get missed.

As you can see there is no one size fits all! Zwift in the future will hopefully produce their own way of running events which will be much clearer.

General guidance for events

State the distance in both KM/Miles and laps – clearly, shout outs during the ride/race as you complete laps are really useful

Have a race leader who is the one who actually starts the race – as in yells “Ride out” from the start point, and “GO!” at what ever you have decided is your race start line – this helps coordinate the start, there is nothing worse than 10 people all popping on the messenger system “Have we started yet?”

A brief warmup, say ½ a lap is useful, as it allows any late comers to catch up with the group if you impose an effort limit, e.g. 1.5watts/kg max for that ½ lap. This is where the leader comes in, in a different jersey to the other riders, as they should set that effort limit and advise other riders to stay behind them for the start

Determine a policy on powerups, e.g. for catch up and keep up only, not to attack

State which jersey you want people to wear – makes keeping the group together, and seeing riders you are competing with easier.

Have people change their sign in names with a tag, e.g. J. Gill ZTR-EB, for when I ride in the early birds

Make the ride regular, you’ll find teething issues, which improve as you run the rides

Oh and choose a cool event photo!


Zwift/biking glossary

KOTM – King of the Mountains – both relate to Zwift jerseys

QOM – Queen of the Mountains

FTP -Functional Threshold Power – (the maximum power you can average for an hour)

w/kg – Watts per Kilogram body weight – a measure of power output more suited to predicting cycling performance (especially on hills).

ANT+ – a proprietary wireless technology owned by Garmin. You need a ANT+ USB stick, and ANT+ cycling sensors to play, as described in the fan manual




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  4. Hi James – thanks so much for helping me get set up. Is there a race tonight at 6.30pm UK time ? If so do i just pitch up or do I need to select something specific ? Thx Dan

    • There is the ZTR EB at 18:30 GMT. Have a look in the Zwift Riders Facebook event page. For full details.

      Basically make sure you are at the blue start banner for 18:30, we roll out on the dot. Follow the on screen instructions and HANG ON! ?

  5. Thanks much for all of this information on Zwift group rides. I am not on Facebook (where I guess the group rides are scheduled?), so this is a big help.

    Question: You note a separate Thursday Training Race for the Ozzies but then give a eastern U.S. time zone for the time (8 p.m. EDT). I just wanted to make sure that was not a mistake. Also, because the U.S. is now off of “daylight savings,” at what time does this race now begin, 7 p.m. EST?


  6. Somebody has put together a public calendar of this info: http://teamup.com/ks4861763bd63ce3d8/

    Much easier for folks to see in their own timezone, and even export to their calendar of choosing. Might be worth linking to it.

  7. Christian Wiedmann - October 7, 2015 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    Some updates when you get the chance:
    Australia now has AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight savings Time)

    The Tuesday NIght Worlds is actually at 23:00 BST (22:00 UTC). It’ll shift to 23:00 UTC in November as the US switches off of Daylight Savings Time.

    There is a Thursday Night training race at 8 PM EDT (24:00 UTC – 01:00 BST Friday).

    There is now a Pacific Time Tuesday Night Worlds at 6:30 PM PDT (01:30 UTC – 02:30 BST Wednesday).

  8. Hi,
    When you say “We’ll plan on slow-rolling at 8:00 am EDT, making sure that the group is all together before increasing to our normal pace. ” in the context of WSR, what is “normal pace” ? Want to make sure I’m not biting off more than I can chew.

  9. The WSR events are held at 1PM BST and not 2BST. Also, they are nor being run over the 4th of July weekend but will resume the following week.


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