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Zwift Bottle Competition

******  Zwift Bottle COMPETITION TIME *******

What’s that Scotty? The TitaniumGeek Fan Manual is nearly a year old?

Oh yes! You know what? I feel a competition coming on!

Zwift Bottle Competition

Hey look Zwift swag!

TitaniumGeek IMG_0889-768x1024 Zwift Bottle Competition

So what do you have to do?

The Zwift Manual has the below picture as the cover photo, and I think it could be better.

TitaniumGeek Screen-Shot-2016-01-12-at-15.55.03-1024x613 Zwift Bottle Competition

I’ve seen some truly AMAZING photos posted by Zwifters FB and the like.

So the competition is “A new Zwift picture for the Fan Manual”

Nice and wide parameters. But how do you enter?

Pop along to the TitaniumGeek Fan Manual and post your picture in the comments section before the 1st of Feb. Simples

FIVE photos will then be chosen, and put on FB for a poll. Top three pictures will win Zwift SWAG, including a coveted Zwift Bottle each, and the picture with the highest number of votes will be used on the site!

See no need to ride a 1000km this time!


James Gill

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