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Volvo LifePaint – Paint to protect your life on the bike!

Volvo has always prided itself on safety. Airbags, seatbelts, side impact bars, Volvo’s safety history with the car is littered with firsts. But now the company has decided to turn its head towards the safety with cyclists. LifePaint is now going mainstream – and more importantly mainstream this weekend! Here is what you need to know!

What is Volvo LifePaint?  – LifePaint is a water based reflective spray.

“So what?” A lot of you cry

“I’ve already got reflectors on my jacket/coat/bike etc, why do I want to wreck my kit and spray it silver?!?!”

LifeProof is a water based spray which is invisible in daylight, and only becomes apparent when you shine a light directly onto it.

I think pictures often speak louder than words

volvo lifepaint


The apply a little Volvo LifeProof paint, and shine a direct light on things…


After the spray, under a car headlight

Yes you can now have it all. A “murdered out” black frame, with black decals, and black wheels, AND still be seen at night!

The paint apparently works best on textiles, where it should last more than a week with normal usage”, which to be honest sounds good as a starter – and means I’ll also be able to cover my winter running jacket. Although Volvo are keen to show off in their material its use on bikes and helmets, heck even their can! Have a look at the bottom of the page for Volvo’s video.

volvo lifepaintvolvo lifepaint


I’m quite looking forward to i) have a go with the paint and ii) seeing how long it lasts.


This the main point about the post… Volvo LifeOaint is coming soon… As in this weekend soon! I’ve not been able to get hold of a can yet, but this weekend, across large areas of the UK, Volvo dealerships will open to sell the cans – How much for? I dont know, but I’ll certainly be heading over to find out – earlier in the year the first batch was free…

LifePaint – Available October 24-25th

Where can I find it?

Not all dealerships will be carrying the paint, my closest local one certainly won’t ?, but Volvo have very kindly put together a Google Map showing the locations across the UK where you’ll be able to get the paint. Hopefully there will be a way of buying it after this event!

LifePaint Map






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  2. I seen this, so cool
    I have not seen anything in the states yet

    let me know when you get it


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