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Start of the ZwiftCast

Simon Schofield – Cycling journalist – has put out the first edition of Zwiftcast podcast – Have a listen its GREAT!

Interesting commentaries from riders, but also some juicy hints and tips from Eric Min – Zwift CEO!


Zwift Cast – Episode ONE – So who has been featured?

Eric Min – CEO of Zwift and a dazzling mind

Shane Miller – Mr Zwift Australia.

Cassie Baldi – Leading to crusade for women’s cycling on Zwift

Mick Neal – Probably one of the earliest Zwift beta testers, and one of the chiefs behind the FaceBook Zwift riders group

Obviously the silky tones of Simon Schofield himself, and finally

A little bit from me!

If you want to find out where the very idea from Zwift came from, and some hot tips about where it’s going in the future you MUST listen to this!

Personally I’m listening via the podbean feed

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