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Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek

I’m excited to announce my first long-term partnership on TitaniumGeek, with CyclePowerMeters.com. So what does that mean for the site, and what is going to be the benefit to you the reader? Let me explain…

Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek

I occasionally get offers to advertise on TitaniumGeek. They basically fall into two camps; products, and betting services. I’m really sorry but I’m NOT going to advertise betting shops, and if it is a product I’m reviewing, I don’t like the idea of the bias that puts on the site.

It is the same as reading a scientific journal article supporting the theory that dietary fibre reduces the risk of coronary heart disease,  then finding out Kellogs Fruit and Fibre funded the study. The bias kind of undermines everything in the paper, even the genuine findings

TitaniumGeek 4210_1_Zoom Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek Wahoo Stages powertap power meters garmin Cycleops 4iiii

Seriously I had that as an interview task:”Analyse and present this paper from the BMJ“. I may have gone OTT in nattacking the paper for bias, but it landed me the job. Moral of the story, I’m not a fan of bias, in science or reviews.

So basically I have kept on rolling the dice with Goggle Adsense, which has it’s own problems, for me mainly to do with site speed, but that is another issue.

So last Friday I popped over to have a meeting with Bob from CyclePowerMeters.com., at their secret location, just south of Rugby ring road, on Arches Business Centre, Unit 18

TitaniumGeek untitled-1-of-1-2-1024x768 Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek Wahoo Stages powertap power meters garmin Cycleops 4iiii

I don’t know what it is about the Midlands, in the UK, but we have a lot of cycling/tech related companies about here. Which works for me, as they tend to be a short car drive away. We had a long chat over that morning, covering everything from Zwift, power meter production, issues with advertising. Whilst also looking at how retailing in the US differs from that UK when it comes to cycling tech, and how could he and I work together, but at the same time benefit you as the reader

So here is the low down:

  1. We will offer a discount to readers TitaniumGeek readers – I’m hoping we’ll have a 10% code on everything that the manufacturer will allow. We are currently sorting of the tech side of this so “Stay tuned” for the final details
  2. I will get support on products you buy through Cyclepowermeters.com when we have the discount codes working. Best to be 100% clear about that
  3. I’ll be placing an ad for Cyclepowermeters.com on the site, which will allow readers to click through to the retailer
  4. Where they stock a product, Cycleopowermeters will help me get access to that product to review. Believe it or not, some manufacturers are not very willing to provide kit. Especially if I have given less than glowing report in the past – Suunto Spartan as an example
  5. I will remain COMPLETELY independent on my reviews, if I say a product is great, I stand by it and crucially if I say a product is naff and you should look at something else, NO ONE, manufacturer or otherwise is going to change that. I have had manufacturers ask me could I change a point or two in a review. Not going to happen, my feelings or annoyances when using a product, as these are as important to me in a review, as a devices positive attributes
  6. There will be no “Hey guys Cyclepowermeters.com are running a deal!!” type posts. I don’t have enough time as it stands to post as often as I would like!
  7. Where Cyclepowermeters.com sell a product, I will include a link at the bottom of a review. But that will be potentially as much help to you as it is me when we have the discount code up and running

Ok that is about it

Oh yes final thing. Last week my long term power meter the 4iiii Precision power meter was returned, as you may have seen on TitaniumGeek Facebook feed

TitaniumGeek IMG_2952 Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek Wahoo Stages powertap power meters garmin Cycleops 4iiii

So Bob has supplied a replacement powermeter, the Bepro power meter pedals. I have had months of emails to Italy, but have not managed to get hold of a review unit, so very pleased to finally get hold of some for testing!

TitaniumGeek IMG_3295-1024x768 Cyclepowermeters.com Partnership with TitaniumGeek Wahoo Stages powertap power meters garmin Cycleops 4iiii

The question being are they good enough for a long term power meter test? We’ll have to find out!

Any comments or questions, drop them below!


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Author of TitaniumGeek, which started after smashing off my RIGHT elbow. Feel free to drop me a line about sports tech, medicine, or frankly anything that you want to chat about!!