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CyclePowerMeters.com 10% Discount LIVE!

In the latter half of 2017 I announced that I was partnering with CyclePowerMeters.com with regard to powermeters – the name might be a bit of a clue. Well, things are finally ready to roll, so how does that benefit, you dear reader?

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CyclePowerMeters.com 10% Discount LIVE!

So just before Christmas, I popped over to have a meeting with Bob from CyclePowerMeters.com, at their secret location, just south of Rugby ring road, on Arches Business Centre, Unit 18.

Whilst there had been previous conversations about discount code, or direct links, the tech side had proved a little challenging. Not least because we need to know where traffic to CPM is coming from but now we are ready to roll!

So here is the low down:

  1. 10% discount via link on the RIGHT side of the page, which will take readers to the CPM home page
  2. The 10% discount is applied AT THE CHECKOUT
  3. I will get support on products you buy through Cyclepowermeters.com – best to be 100% clear about that
  4. Where they stock a product, Cycleopowermeters will help me get access to that product to review. Believe it or not, some manufacturers are not very willing to provide kit. Especially if I have given less than glowing report in the past – Suunto Spartan as an example
  5. I will remain COMPLETELY independent on my reviews – so important I underlined it and highlighted it!! If I say a product is great, I stand by it. Crucially though if I say a product is naff, NO ONE, manufacturer or otherwise is going to change that. I have had manufacturers ask if could I change a point or two in a review after publication. Not going to happen, my feelings or annoyances when using a product, are as important to me in a review as a devices positive attributes./
  6. There will be no “Hey guys Cyclepowermeters.com are running a deal!!” type posts. I don’t have enough time as it stands to post as often as I would like!
  7. Where Cyclepowermeters.com sell a product, I will include a link at the bottom of a review directly to the relevant pagee

Oh yes final thing – the 10% discount applies to the following brands:

Following the trip over the CPM, I’ve also got the Garmin Vector 3, Powertap P1 and Favero Assioma pedals all set for a three way pedal power meter show down! Stay TUNED!!

TitaniumGeek IMG_6935 CyclePowerMeters.com 10% Discount LIVE! Stages shimano rotor quarq powertap power meter fsa favero CPM 4iiii

I’d be really grateful for any feedback you guys have on this!

James Gill

Author of TitaniumGeek, which started after smashing off my RIGHT elbow. Feel free to drop me a line about sports tech, medicine, or frankly anything that you want to chat about!!