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5th December 2019 Gear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Review – Everything You Wanted to Know

Some products take longer than others to come to market. The Tacx NEO Bike Smart has been a particularly long gestation. So, time for the full Tacx NEO Bike Smart...

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23rd November 2019 Gear ReviewsSwimmingTriathlon

Incus Nova – Coming to Revolutionise Your Swimming Performance

The swimming pool is a relatively gadget-free zone. But that also means that the swim part of the triathlon is the least advanced in terms of training. The Incus Nova...

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21st November 2019 CyclingGear Reviews

Gadget and Cycling Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday is approaching tomorrow, here is a small selection of the offers which are floating around this year when it comes to Cycling Black Friday Deals and indoor cycling...

TitaniumGeek Elite Direto X Review 2 of 42 8 TitaniumGeek    Image of Elite Direto X Review 2 of 42 8
17th November 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Elite Direto X Smart Trainer Review | Zwift Gear Test

Elite has really hit the gas on smart trainers this year. Launching three new units. The Elite Direto X being the most advanced of the three. Will Elite be able...

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6th November 2019 CyclingCycling Computers and GPS UnitsGear Reviews

Hammerhead releases Garmin Radar Support Update for Karoo

Recently Hammerhead has pushed out a firmware update to enable support for ANT+ radar units on the Hammerhead Karoo. I consider the Garmin Radar one of my post important safety...

TitaniumGeek Wahoo KICKR CORE REVIEW Zwift Gear Test 24 TitaniumGeek    Image of Wahoo KICKR CORE REVIEW Zwift Gear Test 24
3rd November 2019 CyclingGear ReviewsSmart TrainersZwift

Wahoo KICKR CORE Review – Can It Earn the KICKR Name?

For years the Wahoo KICKR, in all its forms, has been one of the top-rated turbo trainers. But Wahoo had no smaller units. With the release of the Wahoo KICKR...

TitaniumGeek KitBrix Triathlon Bga Review 16 TitaniumGeek    Image of KitBrix Triathlon Bga Review 16
19th October 2019 Gear ReviewsSwimmingTriathlon

KitBrix Bag Review – Triathlon Transition, Sorted!

KitBrix uses the tag line: “No fuss just organised kit”. Which is quite a claim for a triathlon bag! Let's test that in a KitBrix Bag Review! (more…)

TitaniumGeek AfterShokz XtrainerZ 6 1 2 TitaniumGeek    Image of AfterShokz XtrainerZ 6 1 2
10th October 2019 Gear ReviewsSwimmingTriathlon

AfterShokz Xtrainerz Review – Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones

With each iteration of the AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, things have improved. Whether weight, hands-free or just sound quality. With the AfterShokz Xtrainerz, they are designed for swimming! So let's head...

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8th October 2019 CyclingGear Reviews

Run and Ride Discount Code with TitaniumGeek!

Run and Ride, has joined up with TitaniumGeek to offer a Run and Ride Discount Code. So what does that mean for the site, and what is going to be...

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1st October 2019 Gear ReviewsSmart Trainers

Tacx NEO Bike Smart Early Review – Worth the Wait?

We've been waiting a while! Reportedly held up by legal regulatory issues, but the Tacx Neo Bike Smart is now in the wild! Here is a first impression Tacx NEO...